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What We Do
There are several “pieces” to North Coast Concussion Management’s student concussion care program. Make sure your school, team or athletic club is informed on every phase.

The ImPACT Test - www.impacttest.com
        A computer-based neurocognitive test that serves as a “baseline” for healthy         brain activity, and can be used post-concussion as a template for recovery.         Schools and athletic clubs can purchase the test and there are grants available         to ameliorate and in some cases eliminate costs. This test is used by the NFL,         NBA, Major League Baseball and the NHL.

        NCCM will help you arrange for trained proctors to administer your tests, educate         your staff about the test, and our physicians - all Certified Impact Consultants -         will evaluate your teams’ baseline tests AT NO COST.

Wells Fargo’s “Play It Safe” Program - wfis.wellsfargo.com
        Sold as group coverage to schools, teams and clubs, it covers any and all medical         costs related to one of your team members sustaining a concussion. If the child         has a co-pay, it is covered. If the child has no insurance, concussion care is         covered.

        NCCM cannot sell this coverage, nor is it required by our members. But we highly         recommend it, and your school’s risk management team and parent booster         clubs should look into it. Email mike.lamb@wellsfargo.com

Coach’s Education for the Red Cross First Aid Certification
        NCCM is in the process of developing a curriculum and test that can be         administered with the regular Red Cross program.  

Concussion Care 
        If one of your students is suspected of sustaining a concussion, the child can see a         trained concussion specialist in EVERY health-care system in the county. Make         sure your primary care provider knows that there is an NCCM doctor ready to         help with expert concussion care, covered by their insurer.

Supervised Return To Play
        Ideally, every recovered student should return to practice and then their game         under medical supervision. 

        NCCM is committed to providing trained supervision to schools to properly         supervise a child’s return to play AT NO COST.  Your donation helps to make a         certified athletic trainer available to school athletic teams to supervise the         student's practices and clear him or her to play.  Thank you for helping NCCM         implement this crucial service for our children.